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The Coptic Medical Association of North America (CMANA) is a none-for-profit organization aiming at uniting all Egyptian Christian health care providers from North America together and strengthens the ties with our home country, Egypt. This gives the organization three dimensions for operation. First and by far the most important scope seeks the poor through charity. The second targets ourselves by means of sharing knowledge, advice and guidance both spiritually and medically. The last dimension involves continuity with next generation of North American graduating doctors. Read more...


Donation Campaigns

Haiti Mission 2016

Start date 04-20-2016
End date 04-20-2017
Goal $20,000.00
Donated amount $200.00

Anba Takla Hospital (Alexandria Egypt) Open Heart Theatre

Start date 05-17-2015
End date 11-30--0001
Goal $200,000.00
Donated amount $3,890.00

Coptic Children of Bolivia Campaign

Start date 08-28-2014
End date 08-28-2020
Goal $20,000.00
Donated amount $5,000.00

Sponsor a child campaign

Total children sponsored: 6

Goal: 12 children

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