Residents & Fellows

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new residents chapter under CMANA umbrella. The primary objective is to connect all current residents and fellows in USA as well as help American Medical School Graduates (AMGs) and International Medical School Graduates (IMGs) who are seeking residency positions in USA. We will offer guidance to the residency candidates in completing their ERAS application and throughout the whole process of the residency application. The residency committee members can also help the candidates by reviewing their ERAS applications, resumes, personal statements, providing one to one mentoring and suggesting tips to improve the candidates’ applications.  We can offer guidance about alternative routes in the medical field other than the medical residencies.

As our residency committee grows, we hope to create a generation of Coptic residents and fellows who are eager to use their profession in the service of their communities to be a true light to others and spread the word of God. We will plan to accomplish our future goals by offering medical education and spiritual activities to the community of Coptic residents and fellows in USA through board review courses and spiritual retreats.
For tips about how to complete your ERAS application , please click below;

2- CV Tips
3- Personal statement Tips

If you need assistance with the residency application by one of the residency committee members , please fill out the applicant contact form below and we will contact you within 2 weeks.

Disclaimer : This service is offered at no fees and is not intended to guarantee residency positions.