Student Chapter Activities

Student Chapter Activities

CMANA 2014 Student Retreat- Year 2 - 152 of 492

As the student chapter of CMANA, we strive to use our knowledge and skills to improve the health of our communities on the local level, serving the under-served as well as our brethren in impoverished areas around the world, spreading the good news of Christ’s love and hope. As Christ took the time healing not only the physical but also the spiritual ailments, we hope to provide holistic care, by allowing Christ to work in the hearts of our patients. 

As our community grows, we hope to create a generation of health care students eager to use their profession in the service of others, being a light to others, as well as using the talents and skills of others in our local communities. We hope to accomplish this through fellowship, education, leadership, and service.

CMANA student chapter started in 2013 with a group of passionate students who decided to serve the Lord with their gifts & talents. They came together with the same vision of serving the Lord and formed a Facebook group that has now more than 600 members. They went to their first mission trip in 2014 to Bolivia.

They had their first annual conference December 2013 in NJ and NY area with the help of some doctors from the CMANA Board. Following that conference they started being involved in more activities such as: Outreach events in NJ, NY, Atlanta, Florida and other states. They also participated in homeless shelter services where they did, Pre-HIV screening, diabetes screening and high blood pressure tests.

Their service wasn’t only medical based but spiritual based as well through sharing the message of the Bible with those whom they met and treated. They also organize events for students where they educate them more about how to serve through healthcare and offer spiritual help as well to whoever they come across. They held 3 annual conferences in NJ/NY area and the 2106 annual conference will be held in Florida.

Students join different mission trips throughout the year and mainly a lot of them join the Bolivia mission trip.

Future activities would include: campus ministry as well as holding local events & spiritual days for students all over U.S & Canada.

Previous Activities Include:
  • Leading students on various medical mission trips, through CMANA.
  • Annual national conferences with prolific speakers from various backgrounds.
  • Local Retreats, events, and spiritual days.
  • Local Health fairs and community outreach
  • Career Education and Mentoring
How to Get Involved:
  • Register on the website
  • Join our Facebook group
  • If you would like to host a service event/spiritual day in your area, please contact us at

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