Frequently Asked Questions

Who organizes these trips?

All these mission trips are organized through the missions committee of CMANA that is represented by 10 members from across the country and includes physicians, pharmacists, and dentists. After agreement on the mission schedule by the committee, the respective mission sites are contacted for approval. All these missions are organized and conducted in accordance to rules and spirit of the Coptic Orthodox church and under guidance from the local Bishops and clergy supervising the mission sites.

Who pays for the expenses of these trips?

Usually each individual member is responsible for their own expenses. This would include the cost of international travel, local accommodation as well as local travel. Members who are joining the trips could do their own fundraising within their own local community for these trips however CMANA is not directly involved in any fundraising activity.

How much is the cost for these trips?

Upon registration for any of the mission trips, $50 dollars would be collected for registration fees.

In general, the cost of travel varies from country to country and by season. For most part the cost of international travel ranges from $1000-$2000. The cost of accommodation is usually from $250-$500. The cost of local transportation is usually $100- $200. In all, the cost of the trip could range from $1500-$2500. There tends to be other costs as well including the vaccinations and the visa obtained upon arrival. In some of these trips there is an opportunity for some touristic excursions however the cost of this is extra from what is quoted above.

What specialties are needed for these trips?

We welcome all healthcare professionals including physicians, dentists, pharmacists physical therapists, occupational therapists and paramedics. With enough preparation time, we will do our best to find the appropriate opportunity of health service for the specialty of the member joining the mission. However, as the rule is for all missions, a great amount of flexibility and a spirit of service are needed to accommodate the unforeseen circumstances that do come up within any mission trip. For most parts we also encourage all the healthcare professionals to participate in the spiritual and fellowship services that are offered during the mission trip especially if they are not having a busy day at the medical service site. CMANA encourages all health care professionals to fill an application for membership to CMANA. We hope to use the data gathered in terms of specialty and location to the benefit of the service.

Can you give a brief description of the steps involved in the mission trips?

The registration for any mission trip is sent by email through the CMANA email database approximately 3 to 4 months prior to the mission date. The deadline for registration for most mission trips is usually 2 months prior to the mission date. After registration, the mission trip leader will contact the members to start the organization. Members of the trip are encouraged at that time to make their travel reservations. Also, the leader will start connecting the mission health care provider with the corresponding local health providers in the mission country to start communicating on kind of patients to be seen, supplies needed and procedures to be expected. The mission leader will also ensure that the members will comply with the required visa application (if needed in advance), licensing requirements as well as vaccines that are needed for the trip.

At the onset of the trip, most members travel from their home country or states to meet in the capital of the country we are serving on defined start date of the trip. We do not encourage late arrivals, however we can accommodate if needs arise. After arrival and settling in, a briefing session is usually conducted with all members of the team to start the week of service in good preparation.

In general, the Health care providers will start the service in their respective hospitals/clinics. Concurrently the service/evangelism/fellowship service teams start their mission service to the orphanages, homeless sites or spiritual service areas they are assigned to. As a rule all medical and spiritual services are done in conjunction with local providers/servants from the local country. We rarely conduct these services alone.

In most trips we finish the services within the week of service on Friday or Saturday. In some trips there is an excursion trip for relaxation and leisure for 1 to 2 days after the service is performed. This is optional and members of the mission can choose to return back to their countries upon completion of the service week and not participate in this leisure activity.

Can students join on these mission trips?

Absolutely! Healthcare professional students as well as college students who are interested to join the healthcare field in the future are encouraged to join CMANA mission trips. Students can expect a wonderful experience both in spiritual, service, and medical mission field. We try to match the number of students with the number of healthcare professionals in the trip. In general, students will be part of the medical/surgical/dentist/pharmacist team, examine patients in clinics under supervision and scrub on cases with the CMANA physicians and within the limits of the practice where we are serving. We encourage all health care students to register with the CMANA student chapter to be well informed of other activities organized by the chapter.

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Can non healthcare professional people join the mission trip?

Absolutely! Since all the mission trips conducted by CMANA have a component of spiritual/fellowship/evangelism service to orphanages, homeless shelters and hospitals we encourage all interested servants to join our trips to be part of the service. As a requirement we request that they take Evangelism course that is on the CMANA website in preparation for this service. Also, as a rule all the services are done under supervision of the Coptic Orthodox Church clergy and service leaders in the respective countries we serve in.
Please visit CMANA’s evangelism course page to learn more.

Can non-Coptic health care professionals join CMANA mission trips?

Any individual who is willing to serve in the healthcare mission trip or the service component is welcome to join as long as they acknowledge and understand that this is a Christ-centered trip done in accordance to the beliefs and traditions of the Coptic Orthodox church and the Biblical principles.

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I am interested in a specific mission trip, what do I do next?

If you have a special interest in the specific trip please contacts contact us directly at missions@cmanamerica.org 

If I can't join any of the mission trips this year, is there anything else I can do to help?

We definitely need much help throughout the year and in between these trips. As an example, before any trip we need a considerable amount of help in gathering medical supplies and medications. Also, CMANA is in need of help in administrative, logistic, and marketing areas to increase its outreach to interested parties in North America and worldwide. If you are interested please email us at  missions@cmanamerica.org

I am interested in going on a mission trip this year, but none of the published dates suit my timeline?

If you have an interest to serve in the mission field and do not mind going by yourself, inform us of your desired timeline and which country would you like to serve in. CMANA can arrange for you the trip and connect you with the local health care providers in the mission field to accommodate your services. Usually these individual trips work best if planned quite in advance and when targeted to mission areas with ongoing medical services (primarily Egypt, Kenya and potentially Bolivia depending on specialty). If you are interested in arranging such a trip, please email us at missions@cmanamerica.org

What are the supplies gathered for the mission trips?

As a rule, CMANA does not take any expired medications. Each professional usually gathers and brings the supplies that would be most helpful to their work. We encourage all health care professionals to actively contact their work, organization as well as their network of professional friends for these supplies. Depending on the country, CMANA has to organize the logistics of entering these supplies to the mission country. We require a detailed list of these supplies one month in advance of the trip.

What are the vaccinations required for the mission trips?

Most of the trips require Hepatitis A, Tetanus booster, typhoid. Majority of the countries require Yellow fever. Some require Malaria prophylaxis. We encourage all members to refer to the CDC website for specifics of vaccination http://wwwnc.cdc.gov/travel/destinations/list

Are there any safety concerns in any of the mission trips?

CMANA missions committee puts high emphasis on safety of the mission members in selection of the sites of the mission. As a rule, we are always accompanied by the local health provider and the local servants who are more accustomed to the country and its safety concerns. In general, all the countries we serve in are relatively safe; however, common sense safety rules always prevail.

When on the mission trip, is there a way of contact with home?

While on the trips, CMANA leadership usually secures methods of Telephone communication for its members. Also, most locations have some access to internet.

Do I get tax credit for the expenses paid in this trip?

CMANA does give a tax credit letter for the following expenses: international and local travel that is documented by a receipt, accommodation expenses, and any supplies that are purchased with a documented receipt. We are unable to give tax credit for supplies that are not accompanied by a receipt.